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My goal with this site is to inform people of the HIDDEN DANGERS of many New Age and New Thought teachings. You see, I have first hand knowledge of many of their philosophies and spiritual practices--as I used to be heavily involved in the New Thought Movement.

After seeing so many tragedies occur as a result of applying the very ideas I was promoting, I realized these teachings actually come from a very dark source, and produce nothing but devastation.

By the grace of God, I was able to find my way back home to the Catholic Faith. I am now "blowing the whistle" - so to speak- as only a former insider, who use to teach this stuff can do.

In combating the prevailing deception, this site has many resources for you to use; from our free resources page, to links of some really great sites that help spread the message
of the Dangers in the New Age / New Thought spiritualities.

I so appreciate all the prayers and support I've continued to receive over the past six years.
I started speaking out on the dangers of New Age thinking in 2003,
after some really awful things happened in my life. (see my bio)

From that first Magnificat event, came invitations to speak at local churches,
and then the wonderful platform of Catholic Answers Live Radio. I am so grateful that now my message is being heard on a global scale. With national conferences booked this year and being a regular guest each month on Catholic Answers Live.

I will continue to help fight this spiritual battle that has been gaining so much momentum in recent years. With the help of many brave souls, I am sending our message
around the globe and we're speaking out wherever we can.


Stay tuned and God Bless!



Helpful Magisterial Documents

By: Sharon Lee Giganti, 2011©


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17 Documents of the Catholic Church's Magisterium on aspects of New Age and New Thought Spirituality

By: Sharon Lee Giganti, 2011©

The Vatican Document on New Age, “Jesus Christ the Bearer of the Water of Lifelists the following documents in Section 8, under the heading, “Resources; Documents of the Catholic Church’s Magisterium”

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Does "A Course in Miracles" Really Mean What it Says?

By: Sharon Lee Giganti, 2010©

This document is designed to combat the assertion (from Course devotees) that Catholics and other critics of A Course in Miracles have "misinterpreted" it, or that it is to be understood and applied "only in a metaphysical sense"... or that "it applies only in the spiritual realm, but not the physical..."

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Oprah: Televangelist Of The New Age Deception

Is Oprah Leading People Away From Christ?

Oprah has totally transformed herself and her media empire. She is no longer a microphone-toting interviewer of tearful guests and cheering audiences. Believe it or not, she has become. . .a spiritual icon.

Because of her, New Age teachings are being pitched to millions of our fellow Catholics - many of whom are being taken in by the mega-popular Oprah Winfrey and her promotion of three key books in the New Age Movement: The Secret. . .A New Earth. . .and A Course In Miracles.

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CD Set - Oprah: Televangelist Of The New Age Deception